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Frame Shapes

by ateyewear . 31 Jul 2023

Rectangle Glasses (Frames)





Rectangle glasses are an absolute favorite in the world of frames, and for a good reason too! The beauty of rectangle glasses lies in their ability to flatter almost anyone who wears them. With wider lenses than they are tall, these glasses boast even, straight borders and charming rounded corners. Their simplicity and sophistication make them a reliable choice, but what's even better is that you can jazz them up with bold and vibrant colors, adding your personal touch!

If you have an oval, round, or heart-shaped face, rectangular eyeglass frames are a brilliant pick, as they provide a fantastic blend of angularity and sleekness. But the best part is, nearly anyone can rock this style with confidence. So, it's no wonder that we offer a vast array of rectangular glasses frames to cater to men, women, and children alike.

In conclusion, rectangle glasses are the go-to choice for their universally flattering appeal. You can't go wrong with their classy and versatile design. Whether you want to exude elegance or add a pop of fun, these frames are the way to go. And with EBD's extensive collection, finding the perfect pair to suit your unique style and face shape is an exciting journey on its own! Happy frame hunting.

Oval Glasses (Frames)





In the realm of eyewear fashion, just like rectangular eyeglass frames, the oval ones are an excellent choice for those seeking a slender and more modest appearance. If you have a square, rectangular, oval, or triangle-shaped face, these oval frames are the perfect fit, offering both modesty and style.

Unlike circular frames which can be a tad narrow, and rectangular ones which might feel too angular, the oval glasses strike the perfect balance. They have a smooth, chic appearance that complements sharper or more angular facial features gracefully. Moreover, the frames come in various options, ranging from thick to wire-thin, making them an incredibly versatile and attractive choice for all wearers.

In essence, just like rectangular frames, the oval eyeglasses present a fashionable option for individuals who want to achieve a more understated look. Whether your face is square, rectangular, oval, or triangle-shaped, these frames will suit you with their modest yet trendy appeal. Additionally, oval glasses offer a refined appearance, blending seamlessly with sharper or more angular facial features. This seamless blend is attributed to their unique shape - wider than circular frames yet more rounded than rectangular ones. And let's not forget the flexibility they offer - their frames come in both thick and wire-thin options, ensuring an appealing choice for every wearer.

In summary, if you desire eyewear that combines style, versatility, and comfort, look no further than the alluring oval frames. Embrace the chic and classy appeal while flaunting your distinct facial features with pride. Whether you need a bold statement piece or a subtle addition to your everyday style, the oval glasses have got you covered.

Round Glasses (Frames)





When it comes to simplicity, the circle shape holds its own, demanding a certain level of confidence to rock it. Round wire glasses exude an authoritative and charmingly vintage vibe, while thicker acetate frames embrace a more fashion-forward spirit. Undoubtedly, this style leaves a lasting impression.

The allure of round glasses lies in their classic and retro essence, reminiscent of iconic figures like John Lennon and Steve Jobs. However, pulling off this look can be a bit challenging, requiring the right attitude. These frames come in a delightful array of materials and colors, catering to various preferences, and they particularly flatter those with square, rectangular, or oval-shaped faces.

Embrace the timelessness of round glasses, and you'll find yourself embracing a touch of history and elegance that never goes out of style. Whether you opt for the vintage-inspired wire frames or the bold statement of acetate, these eyeglasses will surely make you stand out in the crowd, leaving a memorable and captivating impression wherever you go. So, if you're ready to embrace a touch of the past with a modern twist, the circle frames are waiting to elevate your fashion game with confidence and panache.

Square Glasses (Frames)





More angular than their rectangular cousins (try saying that five times fast), square glasses boast lenses with nearly equal height and width. Their boxy shape adds a touch of edge and boldness to soft, rounded facial features, creating a striking old-school appeal.

Yearning for retro frames that exude intellectual charm? Look no further than our classic square frame glasses, available in a diverse range of frame styles and colors. Square glasses are an excellent match for those with round and oval faces, as their angular shape beautifully complements and offsets the softer features.

Square glasses possess an inherent elegance and poise, combining vintage charm with a contemporary allure. These frames provide a distinctive look that stands out from the crowd, adding a dash of sophistication to your overall appearance. Embrace the boldness and intellectual appeal of square glasses as you embrace your unique style and make a statement with every step you take. So, if you're ready to elevate your eyewear game with a touch of angular charisma, the square frames are here to deliver the perfect blend of classic and trendy.

Brownline Glasses (Frames)



Browline glasses, true to their name, boast frames that gracefully outline the brows while leaving the bottoms of the lenses either rimless or with delicate outlines. This distinct style is associated with an academic and stoic fashion, having enjoyed immense popularity during the 1950s.

A delightful throwback to the captivating styles of the '50s and '60s, the browline frame has made a strong comeback in recent times. Inspired by the past yet exuding a modern flair, these glasses are designed to mimic the way eyebrows frame the face. With a touch of masculinity, browline glasses add an air of sophistication to your look, making them an ideal choice for individuals with longer faces.

Embrace the timeless appeal of browline glasses and let them transport you to an era of elegance and class. Whether you're seeking to channel the intellectual charm of yesteryears or simply looking to make a fashion statement with a hint of nostalgia, these frames have got you covered. Elevate your style and pay homage to the vintage allure with the charming browline glasses, an accessory that transcends time and trends.

Aviator Glasses (Frames)





Aviator glasses, also known as pilot glasses, initially emerged as tinted sunglasses donned by military pilots.

Over time, the aviator frame has transcended its exclusive association with pilots, becoming one of the most sought-after styles for both prescription glasses and sunglasses. Versatile and adaptable, aviators suit nearly any face shape, making them an exceptional choice for those seeking to make a bold statement with their eyewear.

From its utilitarian origins to its contemporary fashion status, the aviator frame has journeyed through history, leaving an indelible mark on the world of eyewear. Whether you're an adventure-seeking trendsetter or a lover of classic elegance, aviator glasses offer a perfect blend of style and functionality. Embrace this iconic eyewear and elevate your look with a touch of aviator charm, expressing your individuality and confidence with every glance. So, whether you're up in the skies or on the ground, the aviator glasses will always be your reliable and stylish companion.

Geometric Glasses (Frames)





Geometric glasses embrace unique shapes that set them apart—hexagons, octagons, rounded bottoms with angled tops, and an array of other daring designs. If the lens borders boast more than four distinct sides or feature a shape that defies easy categorization, then you've likely stumbled upon geometric frames. This style is perfect for those who desire to make a striking statement and stand out effortlessly in any crowd.

Bold and audacious, geometric glasses frames captivate with their sharp angles and avant-garde shapes. This on-trend style is undoubtedly eye-catching, appealing to those with a flair for the extraordinary.

With geometric glasses, you transcend the ordinary and embrace a captivating and unconventional look. Break away from traditional norms and embrace the daring charm of these frames that celebrate individuality and creativity. Whether you're a trendsetter or simply seeking to express your distinct personality, geometric glasses provide the ideal canvas for self-expression. Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with these unique shapes and let your eyewear be a true reflection of your one-of-a-kind style. So, if you're ready to embrace the extraordinary and stand out in a world of conformity, geometric glasses are your perfect choice.

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