Our Lenses

Thinner, Lighter, and More Comfortable

1) NO additional fee for higher prescriptions (providing up to 1.74 High Index lenses)
2) We use 1.60 Index lenses for the best comfort.
3) We use aspheric lenses to maximize comfort and minimized eye strain.

*Exemptions may apply

Unlike some competitors, our price includes ALL add-on features!

Competitors charge extra for following features. We include all of the following geatures at no additional cost.

✓ Blue Light Blocker to prevent harmful lights from digital screens
✓ 100% UV Protection coating
✓ High quality scratch resistant, hydrophobic and anti-reflection coatings

Upgrage your single vision lenses to Photochromic Lenses

Try Photochromic Lenses for clear glasses indoors & sunglasses outdoors all-in-one!

Sunglass Lenses

Prescription Sunglasses that will keep up with your fashion!
Try Polarized Sunglasses for fishing, biking and other outdoor activities.
You can experience the reduction in eyestrain!
Tint, Polarized, or Mirrored lenses - your choice!