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What are the Lenses Options for Sunglasses?

by ateyewear . 18 Jul 2023

Polarized Lenses

Polarized Lenses block glare from the sun which helps to improve vision and safety in the sun. It is very helpful in eliminating glare occurring from snow, water, and even from asphalt. It is especially recommended for outdoor activities such as fishing, skiing, golfing, and more.

 Photochromic Lenses (Light-response Lenses)

Photochromic lenses change shades depending on the amount of exposed UV light. In an indoor environment, it is an ordinary pair of glasses with clear lenses. When exposed to the sun, lenses become darker to protect your eyes. This technology can include personal prescription to the lenses plus reducing the hassle to change into different pair of sunglasses outdoors. It is an excellent choice for protecting your eyes from your daily activities and outdoor sports.


Tint Lenses

Tint lenses allow for colorful and stylish glasses to complete your look. UV filter coating on the lenses prevents harmful UV400 to your eyes.

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