Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme.
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Pre Sale Questions

We recommend you take your eye exam before placing an order but you can place an order without prescription and email us your latest prescription along with your order number to info@ateyewear.com once you have taken your eye exam

Some eye exams do not include PD measurement unless you ask. You can measure it yourself using one of the methods listed in this page. How to measure PD.
Yes, you can submit insurance claim with receipt provided.

No, not at this moment but we plan to add it soon

You have 3 choices for non-prescription glasses. You can choose any frame and turn it into either a Non-prescription Blue Light Blocking Glass or a Non-prescription Photochromic Lenses. You can also choose any sunglasses with non-prescription.

We suggest you have your eyes checked out every year. We do not suggest you use prescription older than 2 years old.

We manufacture our own frames. It cuts out middleman while increasing out quality control. We also have great contract with lens provider as well.

After Sale Questions

Please give it a few days for your eyes to adjust. Please do not switch between different glasses or contact lenses.

Yes, you can as long as your order meets our cancalltion condition. Please check our policy below for the latest info

Our Policy.





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