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What are frame material choices?

by ateyewear . 18 Jul 2023


Hyper-Elastic, ULTEM

Ultem frames have incredible elasticity and a feather-light fit yet are super strong.
They are injection-molded products made of thermoplastic material.
Strongly recommended for active children but also office workers, housewives, and college students who need to wear glasses both indoors and outdoors for a long time.
These frames will be perfect if you need a durable and versatile pair for your dynamic lifestyle!


Titanium, a common aviation material used in airplanes, is an expensive metal material with a difficult manufacturing process.
For these reasons, the prices of titanium are high, and often only used for special products.


Acetate frame is mainly produced with fibers from wood and cotton wool.
The biggest strengths of acetate frames are the unique coloration and smooth surface treatment.
Frames are naturally dried for 30 days so that will not deformed or distorted for years. From traditional vintage styles to modern Irvine styles, it will fit your lifestyle.

Grilamid - TR

Grilamid frames have excellent transparency with vibrant natural colors.
These frames are strong against UV rays and generally very durable.
At EyesGram, Grilamid injection frames are manufactured through precise mold making with our special know-how.
With more than 200 color recipes, we guarantee your style and satisfaction.

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